Mirai Gajetto Kenkyujo
Ochamegami Monogatari Korokoro Pollon

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"Ochamegami Monogatari Korokoro Pollon" is a Greek mythology-based Japanese anime television series, based on the 1977 manga by Hideo Azuma. The anime television series consisted of 46 episodes and aired across Japan on Fuji TV from May 1982 to March 1983, and was also popular in some European countries. The series is noted for its faithful portrayal of the Gods of Mount Olympus as fallible beings succumbing to real human faults and weaknesses, such as selfishness, temper tantrums, debauchery, laziness, and vanity. Anime Staff: Original creator: Hideo Azuma Executive producer: Juzo Tsubota Series director: Takao Yotsuji Scenarists: Masaru Yamamoto, Kenji Terada, Toyohiro Ando Character designs: Toshio Takagi, Tsutomu Fujita Animation directors: Toshio Takagi, Hirokazu Ishiyuki Music: Masayuki Yamamoto Theme song performance: Yoshie Hara Production: Kokusai Eiga (Movie International Co., Ltd.) / Fuji TV



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