Mirai Gajetto Kenkyujo
Mahō no Star Magical Emi

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"Maho no Star Magical Emi" is a magical girl anime series by Studio Pierrot. It was simultaneously released as a manga by Kiyoko Arai. The third magical girl series created by Studio Pierrot, Magical Emi also appears in three feature-length OVAs, as well as the Adesugata Mahou no Sannin Musume and Majokko Club Yoningumi A-Kukan Kara no Alien X OVAs. Mai Kazuki is from a family of magicians. Her grandparents are leaders of a troupe, Magic Carat, and their daughter,Mai's mother,debuted under them. Naturally, Mai wants to become a magician herself, just like her hero, the fabulous legend Emily Howell. Unfortunately, because she is still a young girl, she is very clumsy and unsure. One day, while helping her grandfather move things, Mai sees a strange light enter an odd, heart shaped mirror and turn into a mirror fairy named Topo. He takes over the body of her favorite toy, a stuffed flying squirrel, and explains that he must give magic to the one who can see him. He gives her a bracelet with the symbols of the 4 card suits (spade, club, diamond and heart) which produces a magic wand. By waving the wand, Mai becomes Magical Emi, a teenage magician. She is the star in her grandparents' shows, and uses magic to help solve problems. But at the end of the day, she wants to become a magician all by herself.


 "Ask my grandma!"

 "Mezase! Magician" (BGM)

 "Fushigi-iro happiness" (BGM)

 "Fushigi-iro happiness" (BGM)




 "Mezase! Magician" (BGM)


 "Fushigi-iro happiness" (BGM)





 "...I haven't even finished breakfast!"

 "Fushigi-iro happiness" (BGM)

 "Fushigi-iro happiness" (BGM)



 "Nankoku ningyo-hime" (BGM)

 "Oh! Topo!"

 "Magical Emi!"

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