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Kerokko Demetan

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Kerokko Demetan is a 39 episode anime series by Tatsunoko Productions first aired in 1973. The story is about Demetan, a poor young frog living in Rainbow Pond with his mother and father, who becomes friends with a popular and sweet girl frog named Ranatan, despite the differences in their social standings: Ranatan is the daughter of the leader of Rainbow Pond, while Demetan and his parents are tree frogs, which make them automatic outcasts in the community. Together, Demetan and Ranatan enjoy many adventures. Like many of Tatsunoko's series at the time (in particular its predecessor Kashi no Ki Mokku), the show was often sad and sadistic, with Demetan having to deal with natural predators as well as the bullies who rule the pond. The well-loved theme song sung by Mitsuko Horie has a melancholy sound. In addition to its original broadcast on Fuji TV in 1973, Kerokko Demetan was re-run on TV Tokyo in 1982, as a replacement for Don Dracula, which was pulled off the air following the bankruptcy of its production company.

 Demetan and Ranatan

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